Computer specs

These are the specs for my computer. Eell, future computer. The text will take you to where you can get the parts. Here we go!

You might be thinking, "Well, Alex, what does all of this mean?" You're in luck are the defintions of all of the abbrevations!

  1. CPU means central processing unit or basicly a procceser.
  2. GPUs are graphics processing unit or graphics card.
  3. RAM card is a random access memory or memory.
  4. A Motherboard is the board that keeps all of the pieces together.
  5. SSD stands for a solid state drive.
  6. A power source is where all of the power comes from and it powers EVERYTHING.
  7. And last but certainly not least is the OS. OS is the Operating System it is the most important in your computer.
The Parts Selller(Newegg) The Discount Dealer(Kinguin)